Posted by Stella on Friday Jul 29, 2011

July 17th, we went to Sitka National Historical site. There were tons of totem poles with old designs and symbols. They varied in sizes, but most were about thirty to forty feet. We did our junior ranger packets, (but Greta skipped it this once) and we went on a ranger-lead hike. I have to admit it wasn’t very interesting, but the lady leading it was so nice that I didn’t care. When we finished the hike, we went back to the visitor center and got the badges for the junior ranger packets. We had to do the pledge, (like always) and this time, unlike all the rest of the pledges we did, it was made up by the same ranger who lead the hike. And it was the longest pledge in history.

We said our Jr. Ranger oath wearing a sea otter fur.

And then we even did extra work to be an Adventure Ranger, and the reward for that was a lined-inside lunch bag. It was actually pretty cool. When we were all done with everything, we left Sitka National Historical site.

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The Ferry Ride From Juneau To Sitka

Posted by Greta on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011

July 17th, we took a ferry from Alaska’s capital, Juneau, to Sitka, an Alaskan island. We woke up at seven a.m. yesterday to catch the ferry at eight, and we arrived in Sitka at one p.m. The ride was nice, on a small, comfy little ferry. There was even entertainment; a movie, How To Train Your Dragon, was playing in the kids area. The ride flew by, and it didn’t seem like five hours at all! It was actually pretty fun! 😀

This bald eagle was just hanging out in the ferry terminal parking lot, looking for salmon in the water below. Those other birds are crows.

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Juneau, Alaska

Posted by Ellie on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011

We are we going? We all asked. to go see a glacier. No! They’re so boring and we have seen a ton. We had to go out. It was really cold. We went and we tried to see some salmon. We saw two of them. They were bright red. After that we went to see the glacier. When we got there was saw iceburgs and we went in the freezing cold water. We went to get a piece of ice. After that we went to go see a waterfall. We got sprayed by mist. Ana made me a mud pie. We played for a little while and then we left.

After that we went to the Tongass National Forest Visitor Center. We got our packet and we rellized that we would have to mail them. After that we watched an experiment on a glacier. It was cool to see the goo that they used to for the snow slide down. After that we went inside the visitor center and looked around. We saw mountain goats [using telescopes]. We saw 7 of them. They were way up on the mountain. After that we went to go see a fish hatchery.

When are we going to get here? In a few minutes. After that we finally arived. When we got out and started to look for the fish. Then I said IN THE WATER!!!! Every one came running. When you looked down you saw only fish. It was amazing. We saw a man fishing. He caught a fish and then cut it up for the eagles.

After that we went to go look for the fish ladder. We saw it and we ran all the way. When we looked in it was the same. There were fish everywhere. We watched them jump in the air. We saw a fish land on the wall but he fell back in the water. Good. After that we went to look at the fish. Then Stella yelled. What? we all asked. The fish it splashed me. We laughed. When we went to the top of the ladder was full like always. They all went up to the top of the ladder and they died there. After that we left. We saw an eagle that was on top of a building and then we were gone.

There were a ton of salmon in the fish ladder!

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Tongass National Forest

Posted by Ana on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011

July 61th we went togose forist. when we got to see a egsapol of a glash. he wulde tack this

*Editor: July 16th we went to the Tongass Forest, in Juneau, the capital of Alaska. We got to see a ranger make a model of a glacier. He took some gooey stuff and piled it up on a map of the mountains. He kept on piling up the gooey stuff until there was a tall pile and it started to move down the mountain. It was funny because it looked really gooshy. Then we went on a scavenger hunt. We walked on a trail to a big, huge waterfall that was by a really big glacier. Me and Ellie played “Huskie Dogs”. Mine was named “Dave” and Ellie’s was named “Buck”. We got the names from the book Daddy is reading us, it’s called “The Call of the Wild”. There were a lot of chunks of ice floating in the lake by the Glacier. They were called “icebergs”.

Those are icebergs floating in front of Mendenhall Glacier

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Our First Fairy

Posted by Ellie on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011

After waking up we went and boarded our fairy. We had to go up and be on a different deck than our RV. Our parents said it was not safe [to be down on the car deck]. We brought our stuff up and took our seats. We waited for the fairy to start moving and it finally started. Then Greta said something really funny. She said “when are we going to start moving?” We all started laughing.

Goodbye Haines!

After that we went and explored. There are a ton of rooms I not going to say them all. We wandered off and got lost. We looked inside the gift shop and then we left. We went back to the deck that we were all sitting at. We made sandwitchs for lunch. The cheese was moldy but it tasted fine. I know you might think I’m crazy and that’s fine. After lunch Daddy and Mommy said that we had to go to the ranger talk. We all went except for Mommy. The ranger was really nice. She taught us about tide pools and the animals that live inside them. After she was done talking she gave me and Ana and Stella each a packet to color. We worked and asked her questions.

After finishing our booklets we went back to the deack that we were all on. We looked out the window. We saw a ton of trees and the water of course. We ate and saw a whale BREACH 4 TIMES!!! It was awesome.

Riding the ferry to Juneau

We waited and waited and me and Ana got so bored that we went to the baby room. We would be wolves and try to nook each other on the floor. After that I looked up and said we have to go. Why?, Ana asked the sign. Oh we have to have a parent with us. We went back and played and waited for it was time to get off. Finally we got off. We were in Juneau!

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Our Last Day In Haines With Ava And Brooke

Posted by Greta on Tuesday Jul 26, 2011

On July 14th, we had to say goodbye to our friends Ava and Brooke. They were leaving on a ferry to Prince Rupert at around one in the afternoon, so we didn’t have much time that morning to play with them on the beach and exchange contact information with their mom. They were so cute; I wish they’d move to Atlanta so I could babysit them! We played on the beach with them for a while, but it was kinda cloudy and cold so we ended up hanging out in our RV instead, all six of us. It was fun.

By that time it was almost time for Ava and Brooke to go, so we said goodbye. There were many hugs exchanged, and then we traded emails and such. Finally they left, and we shouted, “GOODBYE!” as their camper drove away.

We were mostly bored for the rest of the day because we were missing our friends. We’ll have to email them soon!!! 🙂

We had a great time with our friends

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Bike Ride to Chilkoot River

Posted by Stella on Sunday Jul 24, 2011

July 15th, we decided to leave the Oceanside View campground for a short while on a 20 mile bike ride. None of the kids wanted to go. We were having fun on the beach and we didn’t even want to bike at all. But once we got started, it was okay. The only problem was that we were really hungry.

So after we’d gone down mostly down-hills, (which is bad because they’re up-hills on the way back) it got pretty flat. Once we were at the river, we got to see some men and women fishing. One woman caught a little silver fishy, and she said it was called a Dolly Varden. Her husband gave us some “Cheesies”, which are, according to him, only made in Canada, but they’re like the same thing as Cheese Puffs. (And by the way, we were in Haines, Alaska, but he was from Whitehorse, Canada.)

After a few minutes of watching them fish, we started the up-hill ride back home.

Riding along the Chilkoot river, north of Haines

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The Cutest Sea Otter I’ve Ever Seen

Posted by Ana on Sunday Jul 24, 2011

At Oceanside RV Park on July 13th, I was playing at the beach and then I went up to see Mama and Beth and then this lady was talking about sea otters. And then she pointed out a sea otter. And then I shouted to Greta and Stella and Ellie and Ava and Brooke, “There’s a sea otter, you know!” and they said, “I know!” but actually they didn’t see one; they saw some rocks instead. And then I said, “Those are rocks!” and then I pointed to the real sea otter.

Then we went back to play, and Stella and Ellie went to ask if we could put our swimsuits on. But they came back saying, “No, but we can get as wet as we want.” So I did, and I was silly enough to pour a whole water bottle of water on my head, and I got soaking wet. Then Brooke tied a piece of string to a stick, and then I went in a very shallow part in the ocean, and sat down so we could help me up. And then I climbed up the rocks, and then had to help Ava down through the rocks since she was afraid to touch the poison oak. But we didn’t touch it. Instead she went down before me so I could help her with her poison oak issue. Then we climbed on the big rocks and me and Ava both got our knees scraped, and Greta helped us feel better.

Little sisters!

Then we had to go back up for lunch, and we had a picnic with Ava and Brooke. And after that Ava and Brooke left and then I was very sad and now I’m waiting for them to come back, and then we’ll go play again.

And that’s the way my story ends!

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Day Two On The Beach At Oceanside Campground

Posted by Greta on Sunday Jul 24, 2011

Today, on July 13th, we went out to the beach again to play. Ava, who’s five, and Brooke, who’s three, were out, and so were two boys, Ethan and Connor. Ethan was eight and Connor was ten. It was great to have a lot of kids, and I showed them Pilot Jake’s grave and his steering wheel, and we found three old torn-up shoes. We decided that they had once belonged to Pilot Jake, the dead fish, so we put them around his body. we played in the ocean and watched the tide come up.

Working on Pilot Jake's grave

Then, unfortunately, Connor and Ethan had to go, but we continued to play in the waves. The tide was going WAY up, and I realized that if we didn’t move Pilot Jake and his grave, he would be washed out at high tide if we didn’t move him. So I dug a hole, pretty deep so dogs wouldn’t dig him out and so he wouldn’t be demolished by the waves, and then Stella picked up Pilot Jake and dropped him in the hole. Then we buried him and piled him with sand almost two feet high to protect him from the tide, and then we put shells on top as a protective covering. I didn’t really think it was much protection, but Ava insisted, so we did. Then we found a thick sheet of metal to cover the grave, so we put it on top and then packed it down with sand. Then we covered the grave with kelp, seaweed, and shells, and then tested its strength by dumping large amounts of water on top. Finally, it was ready.

At the campground with Ava and Brooke

We left the grave alone and played on the rocks since the tide was so high. Then we all had to go eat lunch, so we had a picnic out in front of the beach so we could see the tide come up even higher. Then Ava and Brooke went to a museum, so now we’re taking a break until they come back. More later! 😉

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Crabs Crabs Crabs

Posted by Ellie on Wednesday Jul 20, 2011

After ariving at our campground we went down to play at the beach. It was really fun. We played with Ava and Brooke on the beach. After playing with them for along time we went up to go to the RV. Our parents stopped us and said we were going to go help kill crabs for dinner. That is the opposite of what I wanted to do. We went to go help. When we got there we saw a ton of crabs. I mean A TON OF CRABS!!! I think the person that caught the crabs said there were 40 crabs!!!!!

Cleaning the crab, removing the lungs and guts

Then the killing started. Joyce the owner of the RV park would Uhhhhh I don’t want to say it. It’s sad. Ok well she would take the crab in both her hands and would knock off its shell and that would kill it. Ouch! Then Daddy would take the dead crab and crack it in half. Then it was me and Stella’s job to take off the lungs. It was so sad. We did that over and over until we finshed.

Putting the cleaned crabs into buckets to take back to the campground for cooking

After that we left to go get ready for dinner at the pot lock. We made salad with the vinegar that Gretchen gave us. When we got there they would call us to come and get our food. We each got a whole crab. Joyce showed us how to get the meat out of the crab. The crab was good but when you put a ton of it in you mouth it was really bland. After that we all went back for desert. I got cake and I fed Daddy his while he was getting all the meat out of the crab. After a really nice dinner we went down to the beach.

Washing the crabs after cooking them

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