In Eufaula, Alabama

Posted by Ana on Wednesday Feb 9, 2011

Monday night, we slept at a campsite in Eufaula, Alabama. The campground was very easy to tell where our camper was. Greta was the one that knew the way around the campground that we slept in and never got lost. Some dogs were chasing us when we rode our bikes by them. That was scary. A wiener dog got loose and started following me. I crashed into Stella and fell down and the dog caught up. It came over to me and then it ran off, over by our camper.

One time Stella went into the bathroom and there was a wasp. It was on the floor. So she went into another stall. The next day she met up with the wasp again.

The next day we rode our bikes into town.

Big White House

Then we stopped at a big white house that looks like the white house that the president lives in.

Yummy BBQ Place

We rode to a BBQ place for lunch. The BBQ was so good I felt like I could get 100 of those BBQ sandwiches.

Then we biked down the hill back to the campground. I was scared of the big trucks. I ran into a pole on a bridge. I also crashed into Stella at the bottom of the hill. Mama taught me how to go across the train tracks without turning your handlebars, because if you turn your handlebars you might get stuck and a train might come and run you over. And then we arrived at the campsite, and then we got in the camper and drove away. We are going to Florida.

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