Posted by Ana on Sunday Aug 21, 2011

I got to ride on a poney. I had a very fun time i had stormy for my pony. I got a certificate for riding at Peaceful Valley Horse Ranch. Greta took some peters. She was good poney. I licked her. I learned nete facks. Some time the buflo came up to the house and scrach there backse. The pony ride wasn’t very long. It was just around and back. About 10 or 15 minutes. I liked it anyway it was short.

[Editor’s (largely unnecessary) translation:]
I got to ride on a pony. I had a very fun time. I had Stormy for my pony. I got a certificate for riding at Peaceful Valley Horse Ranch. Greta took some pictures. She was good pony. I liked her. I learned neat facts. Some times the buffalo come up to the house and scratch their backs. The pony ride wasn’t very long. It was just around and back. About 10 or 15 minutes. I liked it anyway it was short.

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Going Horseback Riding in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Posted by Ellie on Sunday Aug 21, 2011

On August 2 when I woke up I new that today was going to be great! Then I remembered that we were going horseback riding!! Mommy said that we would go horseback riding [in Yellowstone] but we didn’t so we went here in Theridoor Roseivelt park. Daddy came and woke up Stella because I was already awake. We got dressed and ate breakfast. We drove to the Peaceful Valley Ranch.

When we got there we went to go get in a line so they could pick our horses for us. I wanted a paint horse which is a spotted horse. Stella got her horse first out of me, Daddy, and Mommy. I bet you’re wondering where Ana And Greta were? Well Ana was too small and Greta is allergic to horses and to all animals that have fur.

Stella and her horse, JB

Stella’s first horse was named Poco but then they let someone else have him so she got a new horse named JB which stands for Jaw Breaker. I won’t tell you the story [of his name] because it would be too long!!! Then Mommy’s horse came and his name was Bridger. Then mine finally came!!!!!!! He was so so so so pretty. He was the color kinda like yellow but a different shade. His name was Jake-o. Then daddy’s horse came and her name was Mesa.

Ready to ride out into the badlands!

We waited and then were led into the corral. We had to walk around and not go outside the guide-poles. I loved turning. We did that for a few minutes and then we started our trail ride. It was so so hot and I felt like a melting popsicle. It started to get cooler and it felt so good. We rode and then I heard Daddy talking to Mesa. I looked over my shoulder and saw Mesa eating grass and she was not allowed to eat for some reason. Me and Stella laughed and so did our parents.

We walked though a prairie dog town. We heard them barking really loudly. It was fun to see them run across the fields. They were kinda fat but they were still cute.

When we went down hills we leaned back and when we went up we leaned forward. We crossed a creek. I loved that that splashed in the water and how we got wet. We rode though the grass and I could of fallen asleep. It was so quiet and was so fun. We started climbing up hills more often. When we got to the top of the hill Daddy was still having problems with Mesa. It was so funny to watch. We were all looking for wild horses. We saw none.

After that we started our way back, we walked though the cool forests and that felt so good. We saw the ranch and were sad. We were almost there when Katelen said THERE’S A FAWN!!!!! I saw a quick look at it and then it was gone. When we got there Ana and Greta ran up and said hello. We dismounted and we talked about how much fun we had and by the way THANKS FOR TAKING US HORSEBACK RIDING!!!!!!!

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How We Discovered that Theodore Roosevelt National Park is Awesome

Posted by Stella on Saturday Aug 20, 2011

August 1st, we arrived in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It was pretty late, and we had to go to the horse back riding place to make reservations for the next morning. After we did all that, we headed back to the main part of the park to go to our campground, but on the way, we saw three herds of wild horses with two foals nursing, a buffalo herd with two calfs WITH a herd of horses with it, and to add to it all, there was an amazing, hot pink, sunset. Wow!

A beautiful wild horse along the road

I was a great night and to make it BETTER, we got to have Popsicles and then, when we got to the campground, I got to practice sitting on Jean’s lap and steering the RV around the loop in the campground. In case I haven’t screamed this in your face before, I R-E-A-L-L-Y, really want to be able to drive. So that was really fun, and, I know, it’s just about impossible, but the night got better. When we finally pulled into a slot, since it was so hot, we got to have our windows wide open for the whole night for some cool, fresh air, AND we got to listen to the coyotes yipping and howling. Whew. I probably shouldn’t say this, because I’ll make you jealous, but I slept great, only to wake up to horse back riding in the morning. Amazing day!

The amazing pink sunset over the North Dakota badlands

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The Cutest Baby Wild Horse Foals

Posted by Ana on Friday Aug 19, 2011

In Theodore Roosevelt national park we saw some wild horse foals. It comes from its mother that is wild and it is a wild baby horse. We saw them when we took a 36 mile loop drive in the park. We stopped when we saw another car stopped. We saw some bison, and then I saw some wild horses, too. We saw a foal drinking from it’s mother. We ate dinner there, watching them. Then we drove on. Sometimes the bison get too close to the horses so they hate it. The end.

A wild foal drinking from its wild mom

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