Moose Sighting at Dinner

Posted by Ellie on Thursday Jun 30, 2011

One June 25 we were driving on our way to Dawson City. While driving, Mommy, Ana, Stella and I we were also making our dinner of hot ham and cheese sandwiches. Then out of the corner of our eyes we saw something in the water. What was that? My it was a big moose! Daddy backed up and tried to go back. Then we all hopped out and grabbed the binoculars. We all tried to be the one to find it, but it was gone. We gave up and Daddy told us to try to be quiet the next time we saw an animal.

No moose photo, but these are some beautiful fireweed flowers along the Klondike Highway

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Kiddo the Dog

Posted by Ana on Thursday Jun 30, 2011

AT the Coalmine Campgrond. we went to the bathrooms and i spoted somthing moveing. It WAS KIDDO HE WAS SO CUTE! By the way kiddo is a haskey. then are perents told us it was time to go to bed.The next Morning i went out to find kiddo he wasent ther. Then i played alittle by the river the yucon river and then we wuld play with sticks, rocks, and pinecones. It was very faste and are sticks they floated down the river fast. Ellie toched and siad it was cold:]

Me and Kiddo

Editor’s translation:
At the Coal Mine Campground (in Carmacks, Yukon), we went to the bathrooms and I spotted something moving. IT WAS KIDDO, HE WAS SO CUTE! By the way, Kiddo is a husky puppy. Then our parents told us it was time to go to bed. The next morning I went out to find Kiddo, but he wasn’t there. Then Ellie and I played a little by the Yukon River and then we would play with sticks, rocks, and pinecones. The river was very fast and our sticks floated down the river fast. Ellie touched it and said it was cold. :]

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Braeburn Lodge

Posted by Stella on Wednesday Jun 29, 2011

June 24th, we went to the Braeburn Lodge.

About an hour before, I heard our parents talking about cinnamon rolls… I had no idea what they were talking about.

We pulled into a parking lot on the side of the road. I asked where we were and Jean said, “Let’s go check out these cinnamon rolls!” I excitedly threw my shoes on and hopped out the door with my sisters behind me. We went inside. I was really surprised we stopped there. My parents usually have no time for treats, but guess what they did today? Wait! I can’t tell you yet.

So we went up to the counter. Jean asked if they had dinner and the lady answered happily, “Absolutely!” She lead us to a table with six seats. We all sat down. Unfortunately, I got the seat by the window with all the bees, but otherwise, dinner was great.

We looked at our menus and ordered when the waitress came back. Greta and I split something, Ellie and Ana split something, and Jean and Dad split something. When our food came, we realized just how big the meals really were. They were HUGE, bigger than Greta’s head! (Sorry, Greta! I change that to Dad!) So they were bigger than Dad’s head! (Sorry, Dad, your head isn’t huge either.) Here’s some pictures to let you get a feel for how big the meals were:

Braeburn Lodge, where the sandwiches are as big as your head!


Difficult to eat, but so good!

So aren’t the burgers and sandwiches huge? They were delicious, too. But next came the cinnamon buns. Or, I should say, bun.

The waitress asked us if we wanted to have our bun heated up, and we said yes. So after a few minutes, she came back holding a… cake. A cake? Wait… it was a cinnamon bun! The size of a cake! It was even bigger than the sandwiches, maybe twice the size! And it was the best cinnamon roll I’d ever had!

We had a great dinner and a great time at the Braeburn Lodge.

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Along the Alaska Highway, Briefly

Posted by Van on Wednesday Jun 29, 2011

June 24 (Happy 50th anniversary, Mom and Dad!), we drove the Alaska Highway to Whitehorse, Yukon. The scenery was stunning, as usual.

Looking out the window along the Alaska Highway

We stopped in Whitehorse for gas and groceries. The original plan was to stay overnight, but our campground of choice was full. So we pressed on, exiting the Alaska Highway and heading north on the Klondike Highway, bound for Dawson City. Strange to say, but after spending so many days on fairly remote roads in central and northern BC, the Alaska Highway was feeling pretty big and crowded. It was a relief to get off the main road and back onto a road-less-travelled. And what a wonderful road the Klondike Highway turned out to be.

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The Alaska Highway

Posted by Ana on Wednesday Jun 29, 2011

June 23rd we staying at the Yukon Continental Divide Lodge. We built our own Alaska Highway. I filled up a truck, a little one, with sand. But we pretended that it was gravel. I would lift down the see-saw and I would let the truck come on. And it would go over the see-saw. Then we would back it up onto the see-saw and it would go backwards down the see-saw. Then we would fill it up with sticks and put it on the Alaska Highway. Then we put some hay down so it wouldn’t sink. And straw. And then the final Alaska Highway was built.

Working on the Alaska Highway

Working on the Alaska Highway

It wasn’t the real Alaska Highway. It was made out of sand and the real Alaska Highway is made out of cement. Cars didn’t go on our Alaska Highway. Only the little cars could go on it that we had. For little cars it was like two miles long, but for real cars it was probably only one and half miles. The truck that we carried the sand with, it’s name was Lady.

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Continental Divide Lodge

Posted by Stella on Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

On June 23rd, we spent a full day at the Continental Divide Lodge. It was a nice day, so my sisters and I went outside to play. First we went to the play set. On the play set there was a swing set, a seesaw, and a rope that swung and had knots up and down it like seats.

On the see-saw and swing

Ana made it to the top of the rope ladder

I went for the swings. I found that if you have shoes on, the swings are very fun to jump off of. When you are in the air, you feel like a fairy, and when you land on the rocky sand, you feel like a galloping deer. I did this over and over, all day, except for when I spooked Ellie on the seesaw. Then I tried the swinging rope and realized that it wasn’t my favorite, uhh, activity on the playground. Here’s a picture of The Tale of Stella’s Splinter.

Jean is working hard to get my splinter out

I never really got it out. Well, Jean didn’t get it out, but I did. With my freshly grown extremely long nails. Ever since I was a baby, I’ve had an awful habit of biting my nails. A few days ago, I decided it was time to actually break the habit, after many failing attempts. And today I used my nails to get out the phantom splinter, the thing that was bothering me for the past few days.

After I’d had my fun on the playground, I discovered the volleyball court. My sisters and I played for the rest of the day until it was time for dinner, and after that, it was time for bed.

Playing volleyball in the Yukon

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Entering The Yukon And Staying At Our First Yukon Campground!

Posted by Greta on Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

June 22nd, we finally entered the Yukon territory!

It was quite exciting. The sign was big and blue, and it welcomed us into the beautiful Yukon and the Alaska Highway.

My dad has always wanted to go to the Yukon, and he's finally here!!! 😀

We drove for about an hour before we reached our campground, Continental Divide Lodge and RV Park. (By the way, we crossed the continental divide twice on our way to our campground. But not the Atlantic/Pacific divide; the Pacific/Arctic divide!) It’s really nice, with nice showers, a playground, nice owners, good wifi, and good play space. Although there ARE a ton of mosquitoes *sticks tongue and swats millions of obnoxious bugs*. Otherwise we like it a lot! We’re going to stay here for two nights. 🙂

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The Cutest Baby Bears in the World

Posted by Ellie on Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

June 22. Before entering the Yukon we were driving doing our normal thing when daddy said STOP! What, we all asked. Theres a mommy bear with her two cubs. When we got a look at them we all did not say any thing exsep there so cute. We watched the mom because we could not see the cubs. They were behind the tree. We sat there looking waiting for the babies to come out. They came out and then we behind the tree again. This was the best thing. We saw one cub climb up the tree. Then the other one climbed up the tree to. When it came down it sort of fell. It hit it’s behind. Then they both at the same time climbed up the tree. We watched in amazement and looked at them for along time. Then our parents said time to go. We were so sad to leave the cubs and their mom. Mommy said she was dreaming to see babies bears and how cool they were.

Here are the black bear cubs following their mom

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All Day, All Day Long

Posted by Greta on Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

June 21st was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. But up in Canada where we are traveling, everyday is 24 hours long these days. It never gets dark. You can wake up at night at any time- three in the morning, midnight- and it really just isn’t dark. If I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t go back to sleep, I could pick up my book and read without any trouble seeing. It’s quite annoying when you acually want to sleep. *rolls sleepy eyes.*

Photo taken at 2:AM. It doesn't get dark at all up here.

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Red Goat Lodge

Posted by Ellie on Sunday Jun 26, 2011

On June 21 we arived at a campground in Iskut, British Columbia. When we got there we saw a dog named Bob. We threw sticks and he went and got them. After playing with Bob, me and Ana went to build a tepee. We built it out of sticks and we made fake dinner.

Here is the Tepee that Me and Ana built

Soon after that we went to go find Bob. He had a friend with him. We played with both of them. They fought for a stick. When we did not give them the stick they would growl. After that Mommy called us in for dinner. Bob followed us and waited at the door. Daddy said he was a good dog because he did not try to come in like most dogs do. Me and Ana asked if we could sleep together and Mommy said yes. After dinner Mommy read Travels with Charley. I like the book so far. Then we went to bed.

Bob the dog, keeping watch.

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