The Cutest Baby Bears in the World

Posted by Ellie on Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

June 22. Before entering the Yukon we were driving doing our normal thing when daddy said STOP! What, we all asked. Theres a mommy bear with her two cubs. When we got a look at them we all did not say any thing exsep there so cute. We watched the mom because we could not see the cubs. They were behind the tree. We sat there looking waiting for the babies to come out. They came out and then we behind the tree again. This was the best thing. We saw one cub climb up the tree. Then the other one climbed up the tree to. When it came down it sort of fell. It hit it’s behind. Then they both at the same time climbed up the tree. We watched in amazement and looked at them for along time. Then our parents said time to go. We were so sad to leave the cubs and their mom. Mommy said she was dreaming to see babies bears and how cool they were.

Here are the black bear cubs following their mom

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All Day, All Day Long

Posted by Greta on Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

June 21st was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. But up in Canada where we are traveling, everyday is 24 hours long these days. It never gets dark. You can wake up at night at any time- three in the morning, midnight- and it really just isn’t dark. If I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t go back to sleep, I could pick up my book and read without any trouble seeing. It’s quite annoying when you acually want to sleep. *rolls sleepy eyes.*

Photo taken at 2:AM. It doesn't get dark at all up here.

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Red Goat Lodge

Posted by Ellie on Sunday Jun 26, 2011

On June 21 we arived at a campground in Iskut, British Columbia. When we got there we saw a dog named Bob. We threw sticks and he went and got them. After playing with Bob, me and Ana went to build a tepee. We built it out of sticks and we made fake dinner.

Here is the Tepee that Me and Ana built

Soon after that we went to go find Bob. He had a friend with him. We played with both of them. They fought for a stick. When we did not give them the stick they would growl. After that Mommy called us in for dinner. Bob followed us and waited at the door. Daddy said he was a good dog because he did not try to come in like most dogs do. Me and Ana asked if we could sleep together and Mommy said yes. After dinner Mommy read Travels with Charley. I like the book so far. Then we went to bed.

Bob the dog, keeping watch.

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Ode to the Mosquito

Posted by Van on Sunday Jun 26, 2011

In British Columbia, we spotted moose
A ton of deer, a black bear, a goose
Icefields and glaciers so high above
Oh Canada!, you have so much to love
Vast forests and lakes so awesome, so neato
But then we encountered the dreaded mosquito
Now wherever we go they are there to greet us
Wherever we go they are waiting to eat us
In wind and in rain, they hover around
All day and all night, mosquitos abound
They gather for miles to engulf everyone
They swarm so thick, they block out the sun
They whine in our ears, they buzz in our face
Must they inhabit such a beautiful place?
Scourge of the north, attacking banditos
Blood sucking devils, begone you mosquitos!

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North to Alaska

Posted by Ana on Sunday Jun 26, 2011

June 21 we drove to the youcoc. Thar a persen in ruodoff cold youcon coneleyis. And the Alaska highway I was so happy that i spelled that i that thy and i robd dady back. on the way dad spoted a crter a red fox i thote it had arabeyzy . In then we drove for alittle wile and came ocrose ether they were mountain goats or goats or big horn sheep. an then i spoted a big warterfall . And onlementen little ouense

At the start of Canada Highway 37

[Editor’s translation:
June 21, we drove toward the Yukon. There is a person in Rudolph (the Red-nosed Reindeer) called Yukon Cornelius. On the Alaska highway I was so happy. And I rubbed Daddy’s back. On the way, Dad spotted a critter: a red fox. I thought it had rabies. And then we drove for a little while and came across goats. Either they were mountain goats or goats or big horn sheep. And then I spotted a big waterfall. And countless little ones. ]

The road north, toward Yukon and the Alaska Highway

A red fox on the road

Lakes, forest, and snow-capped mountains

A mountain goat

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Glacier View Campground

Posted by Greta on Thursday Jun 23, 2011

On June 20th, we arrived at Glacier View campground in Smithers, British Columbia. So far I like it a lot.

The campground is called Glacier View for a pretty good reason

I like it even better than yesterday’s campground. This one has a really good internet connection, a great place to run around, nice bathrooms and showers, a gift shop, a tire swing, and lots more cool stuff. The only thing is.. the mosquitoes are TERRIBLE here. Unfortunately a pine tree, which the mosquitoes picked as their favorite hideout, is directly outside the door of our camper. It’s quite annoying. 🙁

We’re about to eat lunch, which is angel hair pasta and shrimp. It smells REALLY good. Yummmmmmm.

More later!!!

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The Cutest Fawns in the World

Posted by Ellie on Thursday Jun 23, 2011

On June 20, after leaving the campground we drove to Smithers. We drove along a forest. We were looking out for critters. I was not, I was busy playing with my toy horses. We drove for about a hour looking for our campground. Then Daddy said, “deer.” We all looked and saw a deer. Then somebody said, there’s twin fawns. When we saw the fawns we all thought they were the cutest things in the world. They looked so fuzzy that I wanted to hop out and go pet them. They had so many spots. They looked like they were just born because they were so small. Their mom licked them. I loved when they jumped. They were so cute. We got like a hundred pictures of them. After that we said goodbye to the cutest fawns in the world. Daddy said we should watch the movie Bambi. Mommy said we should not watch it because it was sad. After that we hit the road again.

Here are the cutest fawns in the world!

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Shady Rest RV Park

Posted by Greta on Thursday Jun 23, 2011

June 19, after the drive from Prince George, (on that drive by the way, Ana saw a moose!!!) we found a nice campground called Shady Rest RV Park. It is a good rest from the drive and it IS shady, but the one problem is the mosquitoes. Otherwise it’s great. 🙂

Playing in the field

The temperature is nice, and there’s a great grassy field right in front of our RV that’s perfect for running around in. My sisters immediately went outside, and I did as soon as I finished my algebra. We ran around and got rid of some of the energy that was bottled up inside us from the long drive. It was fun.

Campground field and flowers

Now I’m inside writing this post, and it’s almost dinnertime. We’re having a pork roast and potatoes. Yum! (I hope.)

This is a nice place. I’m glad we came here. ;P

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Father’s Day

Posted by Stella on Thursday Jun 23, 2011

June 19th, it was suddenly Father’s Day! I didn’t have any time to make a card! I wish I did. But when I told Dad that I didn’t make one, and I told him that I still loved him, he said it was okay.

We were driving along when we pulled into a parking lot. I looked out the window and we were at Michael’s! I hopped up and got my shoes on. I love Michael’s! And I have a gift card, also. We went inside and looked around. There were tons of crafts and artsy things to do. Greta pulled me over to a rack filled with charms. A lot of them were on sale. I looked along the rows and one of them caught my eye. A trumpet! I wouldn’t have been excited if I was a stranger to it, but I play the trumpet. The charm was really cute. It was silver and small, just how I like it. Jean, Ellie, Ana, and Greta were up at the check out line, so I went up there quickly and asked if I could get it. I was not surprised to hear that Jean thought it was great. So I got it.

After we left Michael’s, we went to Dairy Queen! What a wonderful day! We ordered six shakes and brought them back to the RV. They were delicious! We had them with lunch, which was turkey, ham, cheese, and lettuce sandwiches. They were good, too.

Then we drove until it was time for dinner. We had enchiladas that Jean made. I always love Jean’s cooking. Before we went to bed a little while later, Dad read the cards that we had made for him. It was a nice Father’s Day.

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Driving and Looking for Critters

Posted by Ana on Wednesday Jun 22, 2011

June 19, we drove from Prince George to Houston, British Columbia.

I thought we would not see anymore animals, but we did see more animals. Like moose. My dad tried to spot a porcupine, but I didn’t think he would spot one. He did spot a log that he said was a P.L.T. (porcupine-like-thing). I corrected him. It was a W.L.T. That’s a wood-like-thing. We did see a lot of cows and horses, and we did see some glaciers. I spotted a deer, and I said, “deer!” It was actually a big girl moose standing in some water, drinking. We stopped to look at it, and it ran out of the water. Everybody got to see it. Then it ran into the woods.

Our best picture of a moose so far

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