Square Ice Cream

Posted by Stella on Thursday Aug 11, 2011

Square ice cream?
Like, shaped like a square?
Yes. Square ice cream.

July 28th, I spotted a sign. It said World Famous Square Ice Cream! Square ice cream, huh? It was hard to believe. To my surprise, Dad said, “Hey, girls, I’m gonna go check it out. You coming?”. And we all screamed, “YES!!!” So we went inside to check it out. Once we were inside, we went up to the counter. I was like, whoa! I’m going to eat square ice cream! It was cool to see the lady scoop up the biggest chunk of ice cream in a cake cone I’d ever had with a square scooper. I got huckleberry, and so did Dad. Jean didn’t get anything, which I thought she was crazy for. Ellie and Ana both got moose tracks, and Greta got licorice. She said, “It tastes slightly like nail polish remover, but I like it.” Which Dad cracked up at.

We ate our ice cream as we drove along to our next destination.

Enjoying square ice cream on a hot day in Swan Valley, ID

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Walking Through the Lava Field

Posted by Ellie on Thursday Aug 11, 2011

After leaving the campground on July 28, we went to Craters Of The Moon National Monument. When we got there we went to go on a tour [ranger-led hike]. We got everything ready for the walk. When we got there me and Daddy went to the restrooms. We had to keep going back to [the RV] get stuff. After that we started our hike.

We all liked her [the ranger] from the start. She taught us about the explorers. We were in the back so we did not hear that much of what she was saying. We learned about a’a and pahoehoe [both are types of lava formations]. It [pahoehoe] looks like pooh to me but it also looks like rope. A’a is sharp and when you walk on it hurts so you say a’a . We saw a lot of [lava tube] caves on the way. We looked for bats, at least I did.

Inside a lava tube cave

Daddy says lava tube caves are formed when lava is flowing along the ground like a river and the sides cool off and harden like a straw around the lava. The tube gets longer and longer, and after the lava is done flowing, a long cave is left.

When we got to the cave we got out our flashlights and started walking though the cave. It was not cold as I thought it would be. We saw small birds darting here and there. We heard pigeons cowing. It was so so dark in one part. After that the tour ended. We went by ourself [through the rest of the cave]. It was so cool because we came into a cave that had passages on either side. The ceiling was really sharp and I bumped my head into it. It hurt so badly. After that we got out and started following the cairns [along the trail]. We saw a ton of blue in the rocks. It was so pretty. After that we reached the RV and went to the visitor center to get our badges!!

Walking on the moon (actually pahoehoe).

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Arco KOA

Posted by Ana on Wednesday Aug 10, 2011

july 26 we went to a koa!!! wonnse we got there daddy told us to get are swimsutses on we were going swiming i hade to do my craters of the moon jurer ranger pcket. i feneshest my pacet so i puote on my swimsuote and went swiming. after we swam for alitle bet we went to the are rv and had a some dener.

The next moining we were planing to go a nineoclock But we wock up to late. So then we stade another nite. So then me and Ellie went out to play. Then we ask if we gould cold go to the pool. In then we jumped in the pool. Then we swam for a little bit. Then we got out and then we are wome towels around our seveles. Alitellader Greta and Stalla ask if we Gould pool a gene. Are peters sede yes so we went to the pool and swam for alittel bit . In then we got out the pool and drid off the we back to the RV to have luck. In then we ask a gene in gese what are peters sada? Yes we Gould go to the pool I was so. I went side and I did a cartwheel. In we went to pool and swam for alittle bit. Then we out and got and went back to the RV:)!

Stella is hanging out next to the RV at the campground

[Editor’s translation: ]
July 26, we went to a KOA!!! It was in Arco, Idaho. Once we got there, Daddy told us to get our swimsuits on. We were going swimming! I had to do my Craters of the Moon junior ranger packet first. I finished my packet so I put on my swimsuit and went swiming. After we swam for a little bit we went to our RV and had some dinner.

The next morning we were planning to go to a nine o’clock ranger program, but we woke up too late. We decided to stay another night at the campground. So then me and Ellie went out to play. Then we asked if we could go to the pool. And then we jumped in the pool. Then we swam for a little bit. Then we got out and then we wrapped our warm towels around ourselves. A little later Greta and Stella asked if we could go to the pool again. Our parents said yes so we went to the pool and swam for a little bit. And then we got out the pool and dried off, then we went back to the RV to have lunch. Then we asked again, and guess what our parents said? Yes we could go to the pool! I was so happy. I went outside and I did a cartwheel. We went to the pool and swam for a little bit. Then we got out and went back to the RV! 🙂

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The Fisherman Club

Posted by Ellie on Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

One day in Bayview, me and Ana were really bored. Then Ana said let’s go fishing! Then I got up and went inside the R.V. I got string and my scissors. I told Ana to go and find two sticks. When she came back we cut the string and then tied the string around the the sticks. Then we got a rock and tied it at the end of the rock. Then we went fishing.

Fishing in the stream next to our camper

We went inside we made a sign that said something like this. Welcome to the Fisherman Club. Go and pick out a stick and we’l make you a fishing pole! Hope you have fun in the club! We waited and waited for for along time until Stella said I’ll join. We went out and made her a fishing pole and gave her a tour. We showed her the bridges and the forest and the duck hideout and the waterfalls and the small sand bar and the place were we saw these black fish. Then we all went fishing together. We saw ducks and we touched the water. It was freezing. We played every day. Ana said she caught a fish and came to tell me, but a bird caught it.

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Dinner at Bob and Elsie’s

Posted by Stella on Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

Thursday, June 9th, we biked from our campground down to Dad’s friends, Bob and Elsie’s, house. It was a short and nice ride. We arrived and Bob and Elsie waved us inside. We all hung out in the living room for a while and then the parents said Greta, Ellie, Ana and I could go outside to play. When we first went outside, we were in the smaller part of the backyard. We took off our shoes and socks and made a people pyramid. Greta and I were on the bottom, Ellie next, with one knee and hand on my back, and the other hand knee on Greta’s back. Ana was supposed to be getting on Ellie’s back, but when she finally got one knee on, Greta and I collapsed from the weight. We all laughed and got up.

With our friends, Bob and Elsie, in Bayview, ID

Then I told my sisters that there was another part of the backyard. I led them to it and we explored. It was much, much bigger than the yard we were in before. It had a bonus, too. There was a huge hedge that was great for hiding behind, and it came in handy for the talent show. Yes, the talent show. I’ll tell you about that in a minute. But first, we played Bite tag. Ana told you what it was in an earlier post, but I’ll tell you again. It’s not like we chase each other and when we get tagged, we get bitten. No way. It’s where Ellie pretends to be a crazy animal: part dog, cow, cat, lion, tiger, and I don’t know what else, but it acts like it has rabies. I mean, she doesn’t turn completely evil, just extremely wild and crazy. So it’s just where Bite chases us around and tries to tag us; that’s why we call it Bite tag.

So we played Bite tag for a while and soon it was time for dinner. We went inside wondering what it was. I was surprised to discover that Elsie had made tacos for us. I love, love, love tacos! And these were better than any I had ever had! I’m not going to say what was on it because you’ll get too hungry and you’ll go begging to your mom for it, but I’ll just say that it was wonderful. I went back for seconds and thirds, and finally I was done.

Oh, my gosh! I couldn’t even believe what came next! It was Hoggin Dogs ice cream! You’re probably thinking, ” Hoggin Dogs? What on Earth is Hoggin Dogs? You mean, Haggen Daz? That kind of ice cream?” And yes, that’s what I mean, but I meant to say it like Hoggin Dogs, not the correct way, Haggen Daz. I said it like that because Ellie didn’t know how to pronounce it at first, and she called it Hoggin Dogs. The name just stuck. But yeah, we had some after dinner, mixed with Moose Tracks. That’s another kind of ice cream. It was all so good, and so was what came next.

Next was our talent show! Actually, it wasn’t our real talent show, just the practice for it. It was really fun, though. Especially the practice. The first act was an act about a girl who loved bubble gum so much and ate it so much that one day, her mom didn’t care anymore if she bought bubble gum instead of what she was supposed to be buying. Her mom’s only instructions were to stay alive, and guess what the girl did? She choked on bubble gum!!

The second act was the ” Who Let the Dogs Out?” thing. We were crazy dogs that sang that and then, when all the grown-ups were supposed to think the act was over, we’d all sneak out and slowly creep up on the audience and then sing loudly, ” We know who let the dogs out! You! You! You! We know who let the dogs out! You! You! You! You let the dogs out! You! You! You!” And we would keep singing that until the act actually was over. That one was really fun! And then the finishing act…

The Macarena! The only problem was that Ellie and Ana didn’t know how to do it. So me and Greta just did it on our own. And you know how right before you spin the next direction, you sing, “Hey, Macarena! Oww!” ? When we said “Oww!”, we slapped each other’s butts just to make it less boring.

When we finished the talent show, the audience cheered and clapped for us. Then we thanked Bob and Elsie and set off for the nice bike ride home.

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Hiking up a Mountain

Posted by Ana on Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

June 9 we hiked up a mountain in Bayview. Daddy says the mountain is called Cape Horn. We saw a moose slash horse. It was a moose slash horse because it was too far away to know if it was a moose or a horse. It was a horse.

Back to the hike up the mountain. It was easy and short. My daddy really wanted us to see the mountain and the views of the lake. We got to see where mountain goats live, but we did not see any mountain goats.

Hiking on Cape Horn, above lake Pend Oreille

Then we got rode our bikes back to the RV and qwickley as posabol chopt up some fruit and made a fruit salad and headed for Bob and Elsie’s*.

[*Editor’s note: like Ana’s previous post, selected original spellings have been preserved for posterity.]

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The Nightingales

Posted by Greta on Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

On the evening of June 8th, we went to have dinner with some friends of my dad’s, Duane and Dawn Nightingale. We met them and their kids, Emily and Alex. Emily was almost 15 (happy birthday, Emily!) and Alex was my age. They were all very nice.

We played on Emily’s new Wii for a bit before it was time to have dinner; it was pizza, chips and salsa, and fruit salad. The food was great, and we had a really nice conversation.

After dinner, we went back to the living room and continued our game of Wii golf. Then we made a whole bunch of random Miis and then played baseball, bowling, and boxing. We only played one game of boxing ’cause Stella went down really quickly and she said it was too violent. So then we played more baseball and golf. It was fun.

Soon though, we had to say goodbye because it had gotten very late. We thanked them for dinner and then we loaded up in the RV and drove back to our campground. It was a great night!

The next day, Duane came by the campground with another nice friend of my dad ‘s, Jeanie. The adults hung out together for a bit.

With Bayview friends, Duane and Jeanie

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Arriving in Bayview, Idaho

Posted by Greta on Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

June 7, we arrived in Bayview, a town my dad comes to for business. It was obvious the second we drove in that he knew the town like the back of his hand and was very proud of it.

After we settled in to our campground, Dad was eager to show us his home-away-from-home. We got down our bikes and rode to the house of Dad’s friends, Bob and Elsie. They were very nice. We saw their house and Dad chatted with them for a little while to catch up on each other’s lives.

After we said goodbye to Bob and Elsie, we got back on our bikes and rode around town. Then Dad took us to the marina and showed us all the cool boathouses and the one where he had stayed the first time he came to Bayview. We also saw an awesome one that had just been built that was huge and very complex. It’s too hard to describe so I’ll just show you a picture of it:

That is one elaborate boathouse!

Then we rode back to our campground up the big, long hill. When we got back we were exhausted.

It is good to see the place that Dad visits so often. It was great!!!

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Visiting Bayview, Idaho

Posted by Van on Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

I have spent many months working in Bayview, ID over the past 15 years, and June 7 marked my first visit just for pleasure, and the first time I have ever had the opportunity to share Bayview with my family. I have been looking forward to showing Jean and the girls around my “home away from home” for a long time, introducing them to the wonderful people I have gotten to know there over the years, hiking with them around the surrounding mountains and state park, and showing them the impressive lake, Pend Oreille.

One of the first things we did in town was take a walk to a favorite spot overlooking the lake. Whenever there was enough time, this short hike was part of my daily Bayview routine, and it was fun to share it with the girls. Next, we will catch up with special friends.

I have many, many great memories in Bayview, of the places and the people. It is so nice to have a chance to create some new memories there with my family, in this little town which has become so special to me.

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