The Children’s Museum

Posted by Ana on Saturday Sep 3, 2011

The Chelrcren musame.

Oue day Grandma took us to the cheldrns musam. There were lots of chelates stuff. It was very bese and it was fun. There was a lite of children . You could tack a pese cloth and it would suck up a pipe and then it would go up the other end. Aunt Rose came to hang out with us and it was so fun. We had yummy pizza for dinner!

[Editor’s translation:]
One day [August 24] Grandma took us to the children’s museum [in LaCrosse, WI]. There was lots of children’s stuff. It was very busy and it was fun. There was a lot of children. You could take a piece of cloth and it would suck up a pipe and then it would go up the other end. Aunt Rose came to hang out with us and it was so fun. We had yummy pizza for dinner!

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The Wild West Parade

Posted by Ellie on Thursday Sep 1, 2011

August 20. After driving for a hour and a half we came to Barbs house my aunt. We were going to go see horses. I was so hungry but we went straight to the parade. We meet Rose ( my aunt ) and Janice ( my aunt) and we were also with Amy and her daughter Emily and Jahmuna our cousin.

Ready for the parade with our good friend, Emily

It [the parade] started way after it was supposed to. So we waited and we waited until we saw a flag coming up the hill carried on a horse. Soon the parade started moving. We saw black ones and white and paint ones and draft ones and clydesdales and a lot of other horses. We saw a horse jump up and that was cool. They threw out candy and we only got one piece in all and I think mommy ate it. So after that we saw a carriage with Vikings in it. That was cool. The parade was really short. After that we went to go and eat at Barbs house.

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Wazee Lake

Posted by Ana on Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

We Went to wazee lack it was very fun. We went with ante babra sam and rachol. We could see the fish. We swam in the lack . My fafret thing was swiming.

[Editor’s translation:]
We went to Wazee Lake [in Wisconsin]. It was very fun. We went with Aunt Barbara, Sam, and Rachel [cousins]. We could see the fish. We swam in the lake. My favorite thing was swimming.

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Biking With Dad

Posted by Stella on Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

August 14th, Dad and I were kind of bored, so we decided to go out for a bike ride. First we went down to Mike and Lisa’s house down by the river. We stopped to say hi, but then a ton of teenage boys came by so Dad and I moved on. Dad suggested the Blackhawk Bridge, the one that the second you are across, you’re in Wisconsin. At first I was a little too scared, since we drive across it a lot and it goes over water from really high up. And you can see right through the bottom of the bridge because it’s made of metal bars. But I said I’d give it a try. So we started across. Dad said, “Whatever you do, don’t stop. You can’t stop.” So I didn’t stop. I stared straight ahead and tried to concentrate on the road ahead of me, but once I accidentally looked down. To my surprise, it wasn’t scary, just cool. And for the rest of the bridge, I was confident. Finally we made it across. We were in Wisconsin! I had never biked to Wisconsin before! Hahaha!

We made it back across the bridge and Dad decided it was a good time for a treat. We stopped at the Skinny Dip and we both got chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cones. They were delicious. Thanks, Dad!

Eventually, we had to head home. But I had a nice ride with Dad. Thanks again!

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A Day at the Circus

Posted by Ellie on Wednesday Mar 16, 2011

On Wednesday, March 2 2011, we went to a circus in LaCrosse, WI. I went went my friend, Nell, her mom, my sisters, and my mom. When we got to the circus, we saw elephants, tigers, and ponies.

Here is a dancer on an elephant

You could ride on elephants and ponies. Me, Nell, Stella and Ana almost got to ride an elephant, but the line got too long.

We had to wait for about half an hour for the show to finally start. Suddenly the lights went out and a lady walked out in a light, fluffy coat. She was the ringleader. First she told us her name and then she told us some tigers were performing. When the tigers came out, Nell hugged me really tight and told me they scared her. Then the tigers started performing. They jumped over fences and they rolled over and did tricks.

After the tigers, there was a woman on the moon. She would do handstands and cartwheels on the moon. The lady on the moon would jump and twist and twirl and glide on the moon.

Out on stage walked a very funny looking clown. He had a stuffed elephant. The ringmaster gave him some more stuffed animals. The clown decided to play with his new toys and he got bored with all of them except the elephant. The clown had no clue how to get the elephant to start working. The ringmaster told him he had to wind it up to get it to start. He put it on a rail and it started walking. Then it stopped and fell over. He wound it faster and faster each time, until it broke. The clown cried huge tears that rained on the crowd. Then, to our surprise, out of the stuffed elephant costume jumped the cutest little dog.

I had a great time at the circus and I hope we can go again next year.

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Stella Petting Chicken

Posted by Stella on Friday Dec 31, 2010

World's friendliest chicken

I got to pet a chicken on my uncle Greg’s farm today! He sat there and let me pet him! He was so friendly.
Above is a picture of him.

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