At Halloween

Posted by Ana on Friday Dec 31, 2010


I was a baterina for Halloween. It was so much fun at Halloween with my grandad. We made a castle made of cardboard and put it in front of our house so people could come trick or treating and see it. I helped paint the castle black. There were a ton of people at our Halloween party. My grandad, my dad’s friend bobby, my dad, and greta were all in the play. The play was about a vampire named Count Dracula. We made cranberry juice to make it look like blood.

Dracula's Castle, Halloween 2010

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My 9th Birthday Party

Posted by Ellie on Friday Dec 31, 2010

Cooking Party, September 2010

Making Meat Pies

This is my birthday party at a cooking place. I had a blast with my friends and sisters.

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Stella Petting Chicken

Posted by Stella on Friday Dec 31, 2010

World's friendliest chicken

I got to pet a chicken on my uncle Greg’s farm today! He sat there and let me pet him! He was so friendly.
Above is a picture of him.

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2 More Days Till 2011!!!

Posted by Greta on Thursday Dec 30, 2010

Quick update: we are in Iowa right now, and my sisters are @ Nell’s.(family friend, Ellie’s age) Just got new Glee music. VERY EXCITED!!! New years resolutions, anyone??? One of mine is to have more fun with my family. Won’t that be easy?!
We’ll be back to the ATL soon. Until then, I’ll keep you posted on recent events!!!
P.S.: Look for hilarious sledding videos COMING SOON!!! (:(:(:

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Pig and Girl #1

Posted by Greta on Wednesday Dec 29, 2010

Me holding a pig on Uncle Gary's farm

Here I am holding a pig during our summer of 2010, and I am the first girl in our family to hold one. I hope my sisters will follow my lead. PIGS ROCK!!!

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Fluffy Sheep

Posted by Van on Wednesday Dec 29, 2010

I am very fluffy.

The girls encountered this very fluffy sheep in the black hills of South Dakota, July 2010.

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Welcome to 4 Wheels 4 Girls

Posted by Van on Tuesday Dec 28, 2010

Welcome to our family travel blog. We will be updating often to connect with family and friends during our upcoming adventures.

The Devil's Tower, Summer 2010

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Hello world!

Posted by Greta on Tuesday Dec 28, 2010

Welcome to 4 wheels 4 girls!

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