In Honor of Granddad

Posted by Van on Wednesday Dec 14, 2011

September 20, my dad passed away. For better or worse, our trip has been bookended with the passing of Grandpa and Granddad. Neither was a surprise, and we feel blessed that we were able to spend time with both in their final days. Miss you, Dad.

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Reading to Someone Special

Posted by Ellie on Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

After feeding Dindy (our grandpa) we all went to go pick out a book to read to our grandpa. Ana read a book about a cat who could do nothing special and when he did try it turned out always wrong. Ana can read really great and I think that Dindy loved it. Cool!

Stella read a book about being a pilot. Dindy loves airplanes so I think he loved that one too. In the story some kids get on the airplane and it was their first time. They saw all the notches and buttons and then they dreamed about being a pilot. 🙂

I read a book about the life cycle of a butterfly. They lay the eggs and then hatch and start eating a ton until they are big and fat and make a crisaliss. The crisaliss is hard to protect them. After a while they transform into a butterfly. When they get out their wings are wet so they let them dry in the suns heat. After a while the butterfly goes and gets some food and finds a mate. Then the whole life circle starts over again. Neat!!!!

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Ariving in louevele!!

Posted by Ana on Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

One day we went to louevele. when we arvede in louevele i was so happy and icsied. When i saw andy i was stating to feel tierd. it’s bene a blast.:] i have bene having a grate time. We red storys to andy. We played all day.

[Editor’s translation:]
One day [September 11] we went to Louisville. When we arrived in Louisville I was so happy and excited. When I saw Andy I was starting to feel tired. It’s been a blast. :] I have been having a great time. We read stories to Andy. We played all day.

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Wrapping Glasses in Bubble-wrap

Posted by Ellie on Tuesday Mar 22, 2011

One day in Louisville, my family and I went to help pack glasses at my Grandmom’s business.

Girls Packing Glasses for Grandmom

When we got there, Pam taught us how to pack the glasses in bubble-wrap. My mom took all the glasses out of the first case. Greta set each glass in bubble-wrap and taped the sides, then I taped one end and stuffed the bubble-wrap inside the top. Stella and Ana did the same on the other side of the table. Then my dad took the finished glasses and set them in a box. It went on like this for four hours. We got to take a break and look around. Then we went back to wrapping glasses.

It was fun, because I got to help my Grandmom in her business and learned how factories work.

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Laser Tag with Family

Posted by Greta on Tuesday Mar 22, 2011

On Saturday, March 12, I started my online schooling. At first I was on the wrong level, but then I shifted up and it was actually pretty fun. We had sandwiches for lunch and then around 1:PM we got a phone call from my aunt Holly and cousin Carson. Carson was driving on the interstate and suddenly had to stop and a truck crashed into them from behind. The back of their car was bashed in, but they were fine. They were really lucky. They got a ride to my grandparents house and wanted to play laser tag. On the way, me, Stella, Ellie, Grandmom, and Aunt Holly played Uno in the RV.

We played two games of laser tag. The first game we played was a team game. My family and I were on the red team. When we started, I ran around for a while but always had to go back to the base to recharge. I tried to go to my favorite hiding spot on the first floor, but a bunch of people on the green team were hiding there. The game was in two rounds and the green team won both times. The second game we played was a free for all, so we were all working against each other. I hid in my hiding spot and got lots of points because no one found me. In the second round, I ran smack into Stella and then we both shot at each other for a long time. My grandmom is amazing at laser tag. No one seems to find her and she gets tons of points. She won the first round, and my dad won the second. After laser tag, we were exhausted, hot, and sweaty, but it was worth it because it was really fun.

We drove to a Cracker Barrel for dinner where we met my Uncle Randy and cousin Sam. I had a delicious salad. After dinner, we showed Randy and Sam the RV. We played Uno on the way home, too. When we got home, we put our tired bodies to bed.

It was really, really cool that we got to spend a day with all my dad’s side of the family and it felt really special. I really enjoyed our day together, and I am so glad they didn’t get hurt in the car accident.

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BBQ and Pie Kitchen

Posted by Ana on Monday Mar 21, 2011

March 10th was my dad’s birthday. I was with my granddad, grandmom, my mom, dad, Greta, Stella, and Ellie. We went to Butt Rubb BBQ in Lexington, KY. It was really nice. We did not know that we were going to go to a restaurant with such a funny name. We went there because we wanted some burgoo. My grandfather told us that it was squirrel soup. He is always really funny. I got a BBQ sandwich.

Ice Cream at the Pie Kitchen

Then we went to the Pie Kitchen in Louisville. It took a long time to get there and I took a little snooze. Ellie fell asleep, too. Once we got there I whispered in her ear, “Pie Kitchen.” She woke up and then I got birthday party ice cream. We all sat down at the table and ate our ice cream. It was really fun. Then we went to Grandmom and Granddad’s and went to bed. And now my story is all told.

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The Kentucky Horse Park

Posted by Ellie on Monday Mar 21, 2011

On Thursday, March 10th, it was cold, wet, and rainy as we headed out to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. When we got there, it was still raining. We went into the lobby to get our tickets for the movie and the museum. We walked around and explored. The movie was about how the KY Horse Park began. Then we went to the museum.

Statue of a Horse

We saw skeletons of prehistoric horses and how they evolved into modern day horses. In the arabian horse exhibit, Greta led me through windy halls until we got to a room with a game we could play. We got a card and put it on the screen of an “oasis” thing. All of a sudden ten horses appeared. You could pick a horse, choose its name, and go on adventures with it. I played over and over and then me and Greta found the rest of our family. We rushed outside to tell Stella about the game. We all played it.

They have big geese in Kentucky

After that, me, Stella, Ana, and my mom went to the Hall of Champions. In there, we saw some horses. Two were named Funny Side and Cigar. We went back to the lobby and looked at the gift shop. When we left, the rain turned into snow.

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