Arriving in Atlanta

Posted by Stella on Wednesday Dec 14, 2011

September 27, we pulled in next to the curb of OUR HOUSE IN ATLANTA!!! Oh my gosh, we were back! For some reason that is unknown to me, it felt like we had never even left. Everything felt like how it was before we left, and I don’t know why, but I didn’t like it. I wanted it to feel like we had been gone forever. When we pulled up at our house, we saw Dinara and Abby, Ellie’s best friends, and Dinara’s mom, Lisa, standing in our yard. Abby and Dinara came running toward us like they hadn’t seen us in years. That’s how I felt, too. I jumped out of the RV and hugged Lisa, and headed for the front door, eager to go inside. Then I spotted my friend that lives down the road, Will. I told him he could come in the house, so he followed me inside. Me, Greta, and Will went upstairs first, because that’s where me and Greta’s room is. It was so empty! We hung out up there until suddenly Brynn came into the room! Then Will said he had to leave, so we said bye. We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Brynn. We were home!

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This Is Almost The End Of Our Blog!!! OMG!!!

Posted by Greta on Wednesday Dec 14, 2011

This may be the VERY LAST POST ON OUR BLOG!!! We’re only a mere eight hours from Atlanta and we might be leaving Kentucky tomorrow to come home! *squeals* THIS IS SO EXCITING! Well, I really hope all you blog readers enjoyed reading about all of our adventures, some exciting and some not, and we’ve really appreciated all of your comments and such. It’s great to know that some people are “with us” on our travels. Thanks so much for “following” us on our big trip, and we’ll be sure to let y’all know when we go on another one! Haha just kidding. JUST KIDDING! We are NOT, and I repeat, NOT… going to go on another big trip. NOOOOOO thank you. I mean, sure, my family can do whatever they want, but I think I’ll just stay in Atlanta or Lansing where everyone loves me and not go off to strange places where everyone is a stranger. I’m good. 😉
Well, again, thanks so much for reading our blog! Hope you loved it! BYE, FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND RANDOM PEOPLE!!! 🙂

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Reading to Someone Special

Posted by Ellie on Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

After feeding Dindy (our grandpa) we all went to go pick out a book to read to our grandpa. Ana read a book about a cat who could do nothing special and when he did try it turned out always wrong. Ana can read really great and I think that Dindy loved it. Cool!

Stella read a book about being a pilot. Dindy loves airplanes so I think he loved that one too. In the story some kids get on the airplane and it was their first time. They saw all the notches and buttons and then they dreamed about being a pilot. 🙂

I read a book about the life cycle of a butterfly. They lay the eggs and then hatch and start eating a ton until they are big and fat and make a crisaliss. The crisaliss is hard to protect them. After a while they transform into a butterfly. When they get out their wings are wet so they let them dry in the suns heat. After a while the butterfly goes and gets some food and finds a mate. Then the whole life circle starts over again. Neat!!!!

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Ariving in louevele!!

Posted by Ana on Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

One day we went to louevele. when we arvede in louevele i was so happy and icsied. When i saw andy i was stating to feel tierd. it’s bene a blast.:] i have bene having a grate time. We red storys to andy. We played all day.

[Editor’s translation:]
One day [September 11] we went to Louisville. When we arrived in Louisville I was so happy and excited. When I saw Andy I was starting to feel tired. It’s been a blast. :] I have been having a great time. We read stories to Andy. We played all day.

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Visiting Relatives In Chicago

Posted by Greta on Sunday Sep 18, 2011

On September 10th, we left Lansing (Boo hoo! I love Lansing!) and we drove five hours to Chicago.

We arrived at our aunt and uncle’s house around five, and everyone rushed out to greet us: my Aunt Jana and Uncle Andy, my Uncle Will and my cousins Aidan (6), Juliet (9), Griffin (11), and Dylan (16). It was really really exciting to see them again since we hadn’t seen them since last December when they moved to Chicago. Then, after giving hugs to everyone, we went inside to check out their new house. It was huge and beautiful, and all the rooms were huge with great living space. I loved it. Then Juliet showed us their backyard and new trampoline and swing-set, and we played on the swing-set for awhile. I could tell our cousins were happy to see us.

With our cousins

Then we came inside, and our aunt and uncle showed us the basement and we ate some chips and guacamole. Then Uncle Will started a game of pool, and I joined in. We were on teams; Stella, Juliet, and I against Will and Aidan. Will and Aidan won. 😛 We played outside for a little bit longer and played and a game called Tomato that has a lot of history for us. (It’s kind of like Tag.)

Dad, Jean, Uncle Will, Aunt Jana, and Uncle Andy

Then it was time to eat, and we had burgers, hotdogs, salad, corn, and watermelon. It was delicious. *licks lips* After dinner we hung out a little more and played Tomato for a little longer, and then, sadly, it was time for us to leave. We gave out lots of hugs, and then we loaded up in the RV (after giving a quick tour) and left, starting the five-hour drive to Kentucky.

I’m so so so glad that we got to visit our aunt, uncles, and cousins in Chicago. It was so great to see them again! I really missed them. 🙂

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Leaving Lansing

Posted by Ana on Sunday Sep 18, 2011

We went to Lansing for 9 days! [note: actually 5 weeks] We were sad when we left 3 weeks after fishday’s. I was sad because it was sad leave grandmas house. Then we went to Kentucky. I was sad when we left her house.:(

I liked fishday!:) I liked our sleepover! Have you ever ben to Lansing befor?

Getting ready to hit the road for the last leg of our journey

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Posted by Ana on Sunday Sep 18, 2011

Yesterday we went to nell house we watched solserfer it is about a 13ten that got her arm bet off by a shark I watched the shark atak it was not scery. Then later on in the move she went serfing agen. Then in the moning we hade to leave.:( Ween we got home are baby cozen was there Oden! He was stell sleping so we hade to be quiet we ate are Luch in then he wock up.:).

With Grandma and my cousin, Owden.

[Editor’s translation:]
Yesterday we went to Nell’s house [for a sleepover]. We watched Soul Surfer. It is [a movie] about a 13 year old that got her arm bit off by a shark. I watched the shark attack; it was not scary. Then later on in the movie she went surfing again.

Then in the morning we had to leave. 🙁 When we got home our baby cousin, Owden, was there! He was still sleeping so we had to be quiet. We ate our lunch and then he woke up. 🙂

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Visiting the Lansing School

Posted by Stella on Sunday Sep 18, 2011

September 8th, the new principal, Mrs. Hogan, gave Ellie, Ana, Greta, and I permission to attend class for one day. I was put in the class with all my friends. In the Lansing school, there is only one sixth grade class and there’s only 24 people in it. Last year, near the end of fifth grade, I had joined the school for a few weeks. That’s how I knew everybody. One of my best Iowa friends, Annie, took me to all her classes and included me in everything. She was so nice, and all my other friends were too, but Annie made me feel the most at home.

The school day was really fun, and my second favorite part was lunch. We had mini corn-dogs, cheese sandwiches, applesauce, a salad bar, Dorito and pasta salad, pineapple fruit cups, peaches, muffins, vegetables and dip, and milk. What a lunch! My favorite part was the corn-dogs.

My favorite part of the day was PE. We played capture the flag, boys against girls. At first, the boys were all excited because they always think they’re better, but the girls won every single time.

Everything was so fun that day. DEFINITELY beats homeschool! Thanks everybody!

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Visiting With Cousins

Posted by Ellie on Saturday Sep 17, 2011

On September 5th, Me and Nell got back from her house and our cousin Jahmuna was at Grandma’s house. We decided to play Beckon Beckon. It is a fun game. After a while we got bored and decided to bike around the alley. I let Jahmuna use my bike. Me and Nell were playing with Thurgood, Jahmuna’s three-year-old brother, and he actually talked a lot more than usual.

After playing for about an hour, we went in and got ready to go to the Red Barn, a really yummy restaurant in Lansing. Thurgood and Jahmuna loved riding there in the RV. When we got there, we went inside and ordered our food. While waiting for our food to come, all the kids went down to the playground to play. We played Watermelon on the slide. We also went on one of the twirly things and we slid down it. We also went on a baby helicopter and played with Thurgood in it.

Mommy and our cousin Jahmuna

After a while, Mommy and Daddy and Grandma called us up to eat our food. I ate a hotdog with French fries. It was delicious! After that we all hopped in the RV and started on our way back to Grandma’s house. It was a very fun day!!! 🙂

Our cousin Thurgood

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Playing with Adeline

Posted by Ana on Saturday Sep 17, 2011

Last nite we went to Aunt Jeneses house and gese how was there? Adalen was there!! Adalen is my cosine. We played in tele it was time to go to bed. The next mining me and Adalen pladed together in the playe room in tile it was time for Adalen to go home. 🙁

[Editor’s translation:]
Last night [September 3] we went to Aunt Janice’s house and guess who was there? Adelynn was there!! Adelynn is my cousin. We played until it was time to go to bed. The next morning me and Adelynn played together in the play room until it was time for Adelynn to go home. 🙁

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