A Drawing of the Blue Man Group

Posted by Stella on Monday May 23, 2011

I drew this of the three blue men

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A Las Vegas Buffet

Posted by Ellie on Monday May 9, 2011

We went to a lunch buffet at Treasure Island. Our dad told us to get a lot of vegetables and healthy food before we went to the desert line. I got mashed potatoes, bbq ribs, a biscuit, and a huge caesar’s salad. I felt a little full, but I remembered it was time for desert. Me and Stella ran to get our deserts. We split some cinnamon donuts and powdered donuts, and we each grabbed a cookie. We also got ice cream; Stella got chocolate vanilla swirl and I got tropical fruit. Greta told us she had gotten malted milk balls. We all went back and got malted milk balls, three each. We stuffed them in our pockets to save them for later because they were so good.

Dad says this picture sums up Las Vegas better than anything else

After lunch we continued our walk along the Vegas Strip.

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Las Vegas!

Posted by Greta on Monday May 9, 2011

On May 2nd, we took a day in Vegas and it was AWESOME. I love the city so so so much. We woke up and got ready; I got my camera because I knew I would be taking tons of pictures. Our campground was at an old casino called Circus Circus, and we went through it to get into the city. I would tell you every single thing about it, but the day was too long and there was just too much to even remember every detail. I was glad I took my camera- throughout the course of the day I took almost 400 pictures! I’m not even kidding.

If only I could shop there

We saw lots of cool casinos- Treasure Island, with two life-size pirate ships, Mirage, a fancy one with lots of fountains, and Venetian, a casino with a sky on the ceiling inside! There were lots more but those are some of the big ones. Then we went to one called Caesar’s Palace and I took over 100 pictures of all the glamorous shops.

There's Poseidon, Stella's hero in huge form

By this time we were very hungry, so we stopped back in at Treasure Island and found a buffet. It was DELICIOUS, except for one thing: I accidentally ate a SUPER hot pepper that left me in pain for hours afterward. I had sushi, sandwiches, pasta, salad…..and of course dessert; LOTS of it! Everything (except the pepper!) tasted so good.

The moat in front of Treasure Island. Doesn't it look like it is about to eat Stella?

After lunch we got a bus pass and rode around in an awesome double-decker bus and looked around at all the casinos we hadn’t seen yet: Luxor, a casino shaped like a giant pyramid, Excalibur, one shaped like a castle, and New York New York, with a Statue of Liberty made entirely out of jelly beans! Jelly beans are my absolute favorite candy, so it was a completely awesome surprise to see it! Here I am with it:

I wanted to eat this Statue of Liberty so badly!

We saw a super cool fountain show at Bellagio, another casino, and then we headed back to Circus Circus to take a little break. Our feet hurt and some of us had headaches. However, that little break never did happen. We got last-minute tickets to The Blue Man Group, this show starring these three crazy men painted completely blue that do hilarious bizarre things. I’m telling you, they are HYSTERICAL. You have GOT to see them. We rushed back to the RV to get our sweatshirts, picked up sandwiches at a Subway, then caught a shuttle to Venetian where the show was playing. We ran to the theater and watched the show, laughing our heads off and enjoying the show thoroughly. I won’t tell you any more about it ’cause you’ve gotta go see it for yourself.

Doesn't he look awesome?

For the rest of the night we rode around on the shuttle looking at all the casinos lit up. They were so pretty. We watched a pirate show at Treasure Island but it was a big disappointment because we could hardly see anything and nothing really that exciting happened. After the show we seemed to wait FOREVER for the bus to come, and then we finally rode back to the RV and went to bed. It was an exhausting, fun, and exciting day!

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Driving to Las Vegas

Posted by Ana on Monday May 9, 2011

On May 1st, we went to Las Vegas to get Momma from Denver. We were in a big rush to get Momma, because I wanted to see her. But then she texted Stella and guess what she said? Her flight was delayed for one hour. So we stopped at a Subway for dinner. We had a big surprise, it was closed. We kept driving and found a Subway that was open. I had a BLT. Then we drove all the way to Las Vegas.

Driving in, we saw the big needle building. It had a roller coaster on top. We drove past Circus Circus. We saw our campground in back of Circus Circus, but kept driving so we could see the casinos. They were cool. We Daddy said Caesar’s Palace was on the left, I thought he said Caesar’s Salad. We saw part of the pirate show on the way back to Circus Circus.

We did not gamble in the casinos.

We went to the campground and went to bed, because it was getting very late. We did not pick up Momma at the airport because she was getting to Las Vegas late. Even later than before her flight got delayed the first time. When Momma got to the campground I was the only kid awake. She hugged me. I was glad I was awake so Momma could hug me.

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