My Favorite Memories Of Grandpa

Posted by Greta on Wednesday Dec 14, 2011 Under Family

This is a post in honor of my grandpa, who passed away this February. I’m just remembering some of my favorite moments with him.

Grandpa, I loved when you would talk in that crazy alien voice… it was soooooo funny and it never got old. I loved when you taught us that silly song, There Was A Little Chicken. I loved how you would put mounds of syrup on your pancakes and giant globs of honey on your Cream Of Wheat. I loved how you would watch Little House On The Prairie with us every afternoon and turn the volume way up. And most of all, I loved the stories you told of your childhood and your great, good-natured laugh. You were a great person and I was so lucky to know you. Thanks for being in my life. 🙂

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  1. brynn Says:

    you loved his laughing

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